Ruby & Takaaki – Tokyo, Japan – Courtyard Ginza Marriott

Ruby & Takaaki – Tokyo, Japan – Courtyard Ginza Marriott

A true destination wedding in Tokyo, Japan. Right in the heart of the bustling financial district of Ginza in the Courtyard Tokyo Marriott Hotel. This was an exciting wedding, because there was a mix of the cultures of both Taiwan, America and Japan. Which also brought the unique linguistic challenge of being able to utilize, English, Japanese and Chinese in directing and communicating with everyone involved.

There were a few cultural nuances that can only be found in Japan. For example, there was always an attendant wearing a kimono who would follow the bride around to help arrange the dress or give further directions. The attendants within the reception hall wore maid and butler outfits and all conducted themselves with the utmost care.

Traditionally the photographer followed the standard shots to a tee with very little displays of affection of the couple, so it was an interesting challenge to both break the mold as well as to incorporate the accents of the venue.

Lots of things were unique in their own way, as well as being able to work with the beautiful couple of Ruby & Takaaki!

Venue: Courtyard Tokyo Marriott Ginza

Dress: Chinatsu Kumeta – STylist – Angelique

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